How to Choose a Good Freight Dispatcher?

How to Choose a Good Freight Dispatcher?

The right freight dispatcher can make a huge difference in your profitability, so choosing the right one for your business is a very important task. In the USA, there are 5 freight brokers and dispatch services worth over $2 billion and a massive number of smaller freight dispatchers to choose from, so how do you tell which one is the best for your business? Standards are getting better all the time as technology improves the available services but in the end, it always comes down to these three things in this business.


The first and probably most important factor in deciding is reputation. With so many freight dispatching services to choose from, the best way to tell the difference between them is by looking at what other people say about them. Online reviews are tricky, they can be useful but there are so many convincing-looking reviews that were written by commercial writers or bots that they aren’t as reliable as they could seem.

A solid reputation means a lot and you can find out who has a real one by talking to other people in the same business. A few quick phone calls to local businesses you know who use freight dispatchers could save you extraordinary amounts of wasted time and money. Ask people for their experiences – usually what you will find is that a freight dispatcher with a good reputation will take a bigger cut of the price of your load but people will say it is worth it. A late delivery caused by a useless dispatcher will cost you more than the 7% that we charge, for example.


Price is an obvious thing to look for but the real costs of this business can sometimes be hidden. We charge a small fee based upon the negotiated rate and there are no hidden costs. Like budget airlines, some dispatching services charge a low nominal fee but hit you with hidden charges and conditions that are frustratingly easy to break. Freight dispatch costs a certain amount to run as a business if it wants to be profitable. If a service looks surprisingly cheap, it is going to get the difference out of you one way or another. Some freight dispatchers have additional fees or a monthly minimum, so watch out for those.


A good freight dispatcher is a master of communication. They take in lots of information, process it quickly, and get freight on its way quickly, all at the same time as giving live updates on the progress. You can tell quickly how good a freight dispatcher is going to be by how quickly they respond to your inquiries. The people who get back to you quickly are probably going to be the ones who can manage your freight dispatch the best. Time is of the essence and profits are relying on things moving smoothly, so having a freight dispatcher you can communicate effectively with makes a big difference to your bottom line.

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